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  • Ramses Younan
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Ramses Younan

The International Encyclopedia of Surrealism Volume 3 : Surrealists M – Z

Bloomsbury Academic, 2019

Encyclopedia Article

...Ramses Younan was a founding member of the Cairo-based group “Art and Freedom.” Alongside francophone poet Georges Henein and painter and moviemaker Kamel Telmisany, Younan was an active collaborator and contributor to the group’s art...


The International Encyclopedia of Surrealism Volume 1 : Movements

Bloomsbury Visual Arts, 2019

Encyclopedia Article

...Overview On February 4, 1937, a young Egyptian, Sorbonne-educated poet, Georges Henein, presented the surrealist movement in a public lecture in Cairo (Henein, 2006: 365–76). Over the next year, a group of artists and writers gathered...